Coaching and Consulting

Coaching and Consulting… using Neuro Emotional Technique and other cutting edge modalities, Jason Wasser can help you resolve and remove unconscious blockages that are holding you back from your goals. Imagine having no resistance in creating more business deals, greater financial success and more balance in your life? By utilizing NET, this streamlined process can benefit individuals as well as large corperations  and its executives to manifest your truest desired outcomes.

NET Consulting is dramatically different than anything you have seen before. We can find the original event of a long standing problem that has limited your successes without even realizing it. Some people may define that as self-sabatoge. In NET speak, we call that a Neuro Emotional Complex, that can include both physical and emotional trauma.

By tapping into the limbic system of your brain (think Flight or Fight reflexes), we can find the emotional blockages that have allowed you to create a self limiting story in your life that you may not even know was there. Once these physiological blockages are removed, each person is more fully capable to respond proactively to scenarios instead of being pulled towards a reactive response.

25 years of success… NET has been around for that long and typically has been used in the healthcare field by highly trained and Chiropractors, Acupuncturists, Psychotherapists and other licensed medical professionals. A select number of these practitioners have gone on to get NET Certified and are utilizing this technique in their practices. Presently Jefferson Medical College in Philadelphia is using NET to study the effects on PTSD for those who have been diagnosed with Cancer. The study shows that 4 sessions of NET radically reduces, if not totally eliminates the brains responses the trauma, effectively helping out the body’s immune response in healing.

Jason Wasser is a NET Certified Level II Practitioner  and is taking his practice to you where ever you may be. Having worked with hundreds of clients using this technique within his office, he has been wildly successful working with business professionals, executives, professional athletes and musicians.  He is able to help you identify your goals and help you streamline the process to make you the most successful and self empowered individual you can be.

Now is the time for you and your team to make the changes with NET Coaching and Consulting.

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