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Who/what needs my compassion right now?

Since you are reading this on social media right now you are being a consumer of information. Many people are trying to project an image of an experience they are going through that shows their life from a place of joy or fulfillment. However, research shows that quite often there is an intense desire to project this image to cover up insecurities and trying to keep up social relevance ( if you aren’t being seen, who knows that you exist). For every 100 positive posts you see, how many pop up about someone or something that is suffering. It seems that many of us are suffering from compassion fatigue.

Compassion is defined as sympathetic pity and concern for the sufferings or misfortunes of others. When so much of the world around us only wants to focus on the luster and excitement, it is hard for us to refocus on something that forces us to feel in a way that we really don’t prefer.
Each of us has circles of people around us and many of those people closest to us are the ones in the most need of compassion and support. Who can you think of right now that would benefit from you showing up for them this week? What can you do for them to help them up in time or in deed? In the world that seems to being going crazy around us, its so important for us to work on this trait to bring balance back to our lives.

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Jason Wasser, LMFT is a Florida Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Certified Addictions Professional and a Certified Neuro Emotional Technique Practitioner. He runs a full service Family Therapy practice in South Florida.

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