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Can Essential Oils Really help with Stress?

Did you know that in 1937, Dr. Rene Maurice Gattefosse published the the first modern book about using essential oils for therapeutic purposes. "Besides their antiseptic and bactericidal properties, Essential oils possess anti-toxic and antiviral properties have a powerful revitalizing…

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How F.A.S.T Can You Reduce Anxiety?

Reduce Anxiety

Reducing or eradicating anxiety seems to be on everyone's To-do list. As a South Florida therapist specializing in anxiety, I see anxiety as a personal GPS that can show a person they are out of sync with their potential, be…

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Fighting loneliness? We can help!


How can loneliness spiral down to other negative emotions and/or behaviors?  In my practice as a therapist who utilizes natural and holistic approaches to healing, the feeling of loneliness can be connected to other emotions such as feeling lost, vulnerability/at risk and instability. When one is stuck…

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Trust your Spidey Sense

For those of us who grew up reading the Spider Man comics, we know one of Spider Man's  most useful skills was his "Spidey Sense". His strong ability to sense upcoming danger tingled throughout his body, guiding him in determining…

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