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Taking ownership of your emotions

As the famous Psychologist Dr. Ice Cube once said " Check yourself before you wreck yourself." Take a step back and examine your actions, because you are in a potentially dangerous or sticky situation that could get bad very easily.…

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Toleration Tendency

I remember hearing a story from Rick Sapio, my business coach, that had a profound impact on me. He shared that one of his good friends reached out to him to tell him that his office manager was caught stealing…

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My book of the year!

If I were recommend one book this past year, it would be Matt Manero’s “You Need More Money”. Not only is his book great but his podcast by the same name is equally powerful and insightful. 2019 can be your…

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Who are my influencers

One of my coaching clients asked who are my main influencers right now. If you know me well, one of my gifts is helping connect people with the best resources I know. Here is who I am consuming via audio,…

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Jess Itzler is The Man!

“When your brain says done, you only hit 40% of your capability”. Jesse Eric Itzler is an entrepreneur, author, and former rapper. He is the co-founder of Marquis Jet, one of the largest private jet card companies in the world,…

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