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Your network is your best resource

These people next to me are some of the best people I have met on my journey through the world of entrepreneurship. Many people knock social media but it has allowed me to bring more friends into my life that…

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Scaling up

Friday I made a commitment to scale up my skills to Monster Producer levels by joining Coach Micheal Burt’s training program to grow my therapy, wellness and coaching practice, The Family Room Wellness Associates. I met Coach Burt a year…

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You don’t need Tony Robbins

Yesterday I got to see Tony Robbins for the first time in person. I have been a huge fan of his for years, watching many of his videos online and his powerful documentary, I Am Not Your Guru. Tony is…

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Reaching your potential

Potential Is Something Beyond What You Can Cash In At A Bank

Your potential is something beyond what you can cash in at a bank. Its based on what you still can do, not based on what you have done." Grant Cardone   Your Values help you define your purpose Recently I…

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You Need More Money.. Yes, You!

As a therapist, my clients typically come in to tackle an issue in one of three categories, Money, Love and their Personal Identity. The Money catagory can include their financial success, job, career, time, space, physical energy, and the ability…

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