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Fighting loneliness? We can help!


How can loneliness spiral down to other negative emotions and/or behaviors?  In my practice as a therapist who utilizes natural and holistic approaches to healing, the feeling of loneliness can be connected to other emotions such as feeling lost, vulnerability/at risk and instability. When one is stuck…

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Trust your Spidey Sense

For those of us who grew up reading the Spider Man comics, we know one of Spider Man's  most useful skills was his "Spidey Sense". His strong ability to sense upcoming danger tingled throughout his body, guiding him in determining…

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The Family Room Wellness Associates’s Business Values

Our Business Values

Compassion By showing love, caring, empathy, nurturing, sensitivity and inclusivity, I will  support my clients and their loved ones throughout their journey of personal and interpersonal relationships.  Enthusiasm Utilizing humor, passion, gratitude and open/honest dialogue in a safe and dependable…

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The 10x Rule

I have a theory, one of the reasons most of us struggle is because of the inability to clearly identify your goals and then make healthy decisions in our life. There have been countless negative experiences we all could have…

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The Relationship Check up

The Relationship Check-Up Jason Wasser, MS   The Mechanics of a Successful Relationship It’s been there the whole time, slowly growing, bubbling, marinating but who wants to say something now. You know it will just bring up a heated debate…

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