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Our coaching services are created specifically for each client individually. We do not apply a once size fits all approach to our coaching and consulting. Most of our clients benefit from the convenience of utilizing teleconferencing since that allows them to be anywhere in the world and work with us.

Serving over 1000 client sessions each year, Jason brings his passion and years of expertise to distilling and optimizing the human potential.

As a Certified Business and Entrepreneur Coach, he weaves his training as a Psychotherapist and Sports Performance Consultant together to help you have a Lifestyle By Design in your personal life and business.

By assessing your needs through the 3×2 Matrix, Jason identifies your stressors, beliefs, patterns and expectations to help you move towards your maximized potential.

The 3×2 Matrix streamlines the world into three categories:

Material Things– including Money, Job, Finances , Career, Time ,Space and Energy.

Relationships– Family, Friends, Romantic Love 

The Deeper You– The various roles you play in relationship to your inner self and to others around you depending on the circumstances and situation you are in.

In each of these categories, we only have two options…What we want more of and what we want less off.

My job is to not only bring these concerns to the surface but to streamline your movement through it consciously, subconsciously and unconsciously. In other words, the coaching Jason does, aligns the three parts of your brain, the Neocortex, Reptilian and Mammalian, to ensure you are in full alignment and out of fight or flight regarding that which you want to accomplish.

This neurological based approach goes deeper then the average coaching, bringing a deeper sense of “Okay-ness” with your life plans. In return, this gives you a higher possibility of following through your plans and action steps without negative triggers effecting you.

In addition, many of our clients like the added benefit of using Neuro Emotional Technique to help resolve and remove unconscious blockages that are holding them back from their goals. Imagine having no resistance in creating more business deals, greater financial success and more balance in your life? By utilizing NET, this streamlined process can benefit individuals to the largest corporations.  For this process, clients will either schedule time in our South Florida office or Jason will fly to your onsite location to work with multiple members of a team at one time.

NET Consulting is dramatically different than anything you have seen before. We can find the original event of a long standing problem that has limited your successes without even realizing it. Some people may define that as self-sabatoge or “being stuck”. In NET speak, we call that a Neuro Emotional Complex, that can include both physical and emotional trauma.

By tapping into the limbic system of your brain (think Flight or Fight reflexes), we can find the emotional blockages that have allowed you to create a self limiting story in your life that you may not even know was there. Once these physiological blockages are removed, each person is more fully capable to respond proactively to scenarios, goals and experiences instead of being pulled towards a negative reactive response.

Jason has been wildly successful working with business professionals, executives, professional athletes and musicians.  He is able to help you identify your goals and help you streamline the process to make you the most successful and self empowered individual you can be.

Our Coaching Approach and Philosophy

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