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“Jason was a great person to have worked with. My husband and I sought marriage counseling in an effort to improve our communication skills and get clarity on the important things we needed from one another. Jason helped us through that by giving us simple tools to implement in our every day lives. He was great to work with and I would highly recommend him to anyone who feels that they might benefit from having an outside perspective on how to remedy a tough situation within their relationship.” -J.

“My husband and I sought Jason’s services for support through our separation not knowing where the road ahead would lead us. We quickly learned that we had found in Jason a warm, engaging practitioner who teaches, guides, supports, and empowers his clients through humor, spirituality, and genuine compassion in a supportive, safe, and non-judgmental environment. Together we worked to repair trust and heal old wounds and resentments, with Jason guiding us through the process of learning to be okay with ourselves and each other, making connections,understanding our current belief systems, and recognizing and working through behaviors and patterns that were keeping us stuck.

Using a gentle, non-invasive,research-based mind-body modality called Neuro Emotional Technique (N.E.T.), Jason facilitated the process of arm muscle testing combined with homeopathy and Eastern healing principles to help us to clear out negative energies and examine our core beliefs. It delves directly into the heart of the matter in the most natural way, promoting stress release and inspiring true self-reflection. Sometimes we laughed, sometimes we cried—but we always walked away feeling empowered and knowing that we worked hard. We often felt light, relaxed, or energized and viewed situations with newfound clarity. We moved at our own pace and addressed what we were ready to handle, working toward being able to say, “I’m okay with…” whatever came our way. After months of hard work, my husband re-proposed and we have recommitted to making our relationship work. Jason has provided us with the support we needed to rediscover our voices and work through fears from past traumas, giving us practical, proven tools for change. We couldn’t ask for anything more in a therapist.” – T. and C.

“I’ve been seeing Jason Wasser for some time , and I can say that I’ve been making huge improvements in my life.  I would highly recommend him for several ways to improve your life, and assist you in tremendous personal growth.”- L.

“Jason is thoughtful, insightful and really works to help you.  I can’t imagine there is someone out there that works harder to help people than him.  I highly recommend him to everyone I know.”- R.

“Jason is quite the therapist. Truly knows how to make people feel comfortable and is very easy to talk to. I really look forward to seeing him and I know I will get a lot out of each time I am able to speak with him! Highly, highly recommend!”- J.

“I have had many sessions of NET over the last 16 years and although they have been helpful and enlightening, my two sessions with Jason had such insightful and dramatic results. It has allowed me to engage in my profession with much less anxiety thereby enabling me to look forward to continue working in greater peace. His session also addressed my overindulgence of eating sweets, which was a welcome bonus. I now hardly think of eating chocolate etc. at all and look forward to better health. I strongly recommend Jason for those seeking resolution to unresolved issues in your life.”-Dr. S. C. L.

“Jason Wasser is amazing! My husband and I feel really blessed to have found him. With only two sessions we could see a great improvement in our family life and dynamic. He’s attentive, charismatic and intuitive. You can tell he really cares. We love the inputs he gives us and how he helps us think in new ways. I have at least two Aha! moments every session :) He’s also funny and it feels like he’s our friend making us feel very comfortable. He’s been a great part of our healing process. We look forward to keep seeing him and making time for our sessions. I highly recommend him!”- B.

“Jason is just delightful and insightful.He puts you at easy.No side taking or negativity. Just a positive environment even when you yourself are not. Words can not begin to describe how beyond helpful our visits with Jason have been. My husband and I own and run a business together and of course are together after hours and at times this is  the most difficult type of relationship, the 24 hour kind. Jason helps us both clearly see the division between work and home.Helps us work through stress and issues of communication at work and then allowing that to not translate into our life at home. We found him by chance when we did marriage counseling prior to getting a certificate before our wedding over one year ago but we continue going because the benefits in our working relationship well exceed any expectations. He will do nothing short of helping you clear the negative from your life and help you to move forward in a more prepared, open and positive manor. If you own a business or work together with your significant other you would only be improving your business as well as your relationship if you worked with Jason. He is well rounded and aware of your needs and helps you set goals and obtain them. He also has amazing referral and resource contacts outside of his sessions that only help to improve you. We would both highly recommend him to everyone and anyone. You would never regret it in fact in can only help to improve your bottom line and that is priceless.”- K.

“I have had two NET sessions on different subjects/patterns I’d been struggling with and things have definitely shifted for the positive.I was a bit skeptical about trying NET but it was a very good experience for me. Overall, Jason is a gem! He is very professional, has a warm demeanor and it’s easy to open up to him. I’m very grateful for his services.” -N.

” Jason, We truly appreciate the interaction and help that you provided for our son and family.  Reflecting on even his body language from Day 1 to last week, the transformation was evident.  Thank you so very much!”-M & I.

“Since we have seen you our lives have been slowly getting back on track. The work you did with our son really changed his life and gave him the push he needed to confront and take charge of his feelings and fears. I will be forever grateful for your help”- V

I’m a lot better!!! It’s crazy to see how much progress I’ve made in just two weeks. Thank you for helping me!-A

*Client testimonials have been offered voluntarily and are non-solicited.
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