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Did you know the most successful people in virtually every profession surround themselves with coaches?

Owning and running a business – even when successful – can at times be a painful, arduous endeavor.  It can also have massive effects on your personal life bringing more stress and drama into the mix.

We know your pain as we too started as a small business with no game plan or map for success. For years I was resistant to seeing myself as an entrepreneur, defining myself as a therapist, healer and public speaker and not a business man. Although my family owns and runs a 3rd generation furniture business, that did not prepare me for the challenges and demands of opening up my own practice. I survived for years running off of sheer grit, hoping that each month will bring in more clients than the next. I also did not have a clear brand to focus on making it more challenging to get the type of clients I truly desires to work with. At the beginning, I would accept every case that came my way, leading me to exhaustion and emotional burnout. At that point, I started to doubt my longevity in this field and started to think about pursuing another advanced degree in a different medical profession.

A colleague of mine mentioned a program he invested in for himself and for two years I resisted following up on the information he gave me. I continued to insist I was a therapist and healer and not a business owner. I was fearful that going that route will only water down my ability to provide quality therapeutic resources to my clients. A few months later I jumped on a plane to attend a 2 and a half day entrepreneur bootcamp that fundamentally changed the way I see the world, my business and my self.

Since then I have learned tools, strategies, and information on how to run life and business more effectively and efficiently while gaining certification as an Entrepreneur Coach. As a therapist since 2005, I  combine resources from all my clinical training and apply it towards radically enhancing success in multiple aspects of your life.

My mission is to help you identify road blocks that are preventing you and your business from performing at max potential and help you to be accountable for your successful outcome.

We presently coach clients all over North America and as far away as the Middle East.  Our clients have ranged from family businesses, start up law practices, artists, fitness professionals, fine food import/exporters, motivational speakers, therapists, realtors, and home schooling programs.



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