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The Family Room Wellness Associates has been open since 2012 to the South Florida community. Originally named The Family Room Psychotherapy Associates, our name change reflects the diversity of services we presently offer.

Our team of licensed professionals all focus on helping you reach your goals, emotionally and physically, through resources such as therapy, alternative medicine techniques, coaching, chiropractic and nutrition.

We believe the more educated and empowered you are as a client, the more successful your results will be.

 As a Mind Body Wellness practice, we incorporate whole food based nutrition, greater amounts of movement & exercise and mindfulness practices into our suggestions and know this can go a long way towards your health and happiness. Research shows that integrating these aspects increase results for a variety of affective, cognitive, behavioral, and physiological systems within a person. 

Instead of just focusing on presenting symptoms, such as ADD, Anxiety or relationship distress, we also look to help resolve the underlying energetic/emotional/belief “imbalances” that existed before the present day issues manifested. These “imbalances” can cause long-term health and emotional wellness issues that can manifest in both emotional and physical symptoms.

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