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Therapy and coaching is one of the greatest investments you can make for yourself and those in your life.

At The Family Room Wellness Associates we do not believe services are only for those who are suffering from a clinical disorder. Most often people struggle simply due to natural changes and challenges in life. Getting help at these times is just as important for your health and well being and is often necessary in order to prevent a more severe condition such as depression and panic attacks.

We offer a variety of financial options in order to best serve you and your therapeutic needs.

The Family Room has standard fees for services and offers 90, 60, 45 and 30 minute sessions to accommodate a variety of budgets.

Why should I pay out of pocket vs. using insurance?

It is important to understand a few issues when choosing to use your insurance for mental health services. When receiving clinical services you will be forming a record of your status and treatment, just like a medical record.

That means that in order for insurance to cover this treatment, there must be an illness, or disorder, that is diagnosed and reported to the insurance company, just like a flu diagnosed by a doctor demonstrating a reason for the treatment.

Based on the clinical diagnosis, this could mean that if your are in a non-group policy your insurance company can place an additional rider, add a supplemental deductible or raise the cost of your monthly premium in the future should they find that their cost of covering your services will increase.In fact, many insurance companies require status updates on treatment which can include requests for specific information about your lifestyle ( drinking, recreational drug use, mood changes, self-injuring thoughts, sleep disturbances, etc). This information can potentially be used to penalize you in renewals for medical and life insurance as we cannot guarantee what your insurance company shares with other companies.

When paying out of pocket for psychotherapy sessions, there is more confidentiality in the sense that insurance companies do not have access to the record of your treatment. In addition, you are also able to participate in a wider variety of therapeutic services without being required to have a diagnosis reported back to your insurer. The Family Room Wellness Associates does not guarantee the confidentiality of your billing and diagnosis codes once we bill your insurance.

Many insurance companies don’t cover sessions more than once per week, or double sessions, phone sessions, group therapy, marriage counseling, workshops, and other types of treatment that might be especially helpful to you. Paying out-of-pocket means that you can seek these other types of treatment when you and your therapist think it is suitable.

Many insurance companies allow only a certain number of sessions per year, which may not be enough to address the concerns that brought you to therapy in the first place. Insurance companies reserve the right to manage how often and how long you can use your benefits, and may decide that you cannot use your full number of sessions for certain problems. When paying out-of-pocket for therapy, you and your therapist will work together to figure out how long you can stay in therapy and what issues you want to work on as a priority.


Payment are due at each session. Clients will receive monthly statements notifying them of their balance upon which prompt payment is due.  If balances become overdue, clients will be notified by mail, phone or in person. Balances need to be paid in full before or at the next scheduled session.

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Neuro Emotional Technique/Coaching:

Insurance is not accepted for sessions that will be utilizing Neuro-Emotional Technique (NET), NET Remedies and Coaching.             Sessions can be schedule for hour or longer blocks.

Cancellation Policy:

The Family Room requires a 24-hour notice (business days) of cancelled appointments. We have a list of clients waiting to fill any open hour. Therefore, with less than 24 hours notice a fee will be charged to the client if we are unable to fill that hour. Please cancel by voicemail or email.

Missed/Failed Appointments & Late Cancellation Fees:

Clients will be charged the equivalent fee for the client’s maximum allowed contracted rate on their specific panel for missed appointments and late cancellations.

This fee cannot be billed to insurance and will be billed directly to the client.

Phone Consultation:

The primary services we offer are face-to-face psychotherapy sessions in the office setting. However, at times phone consultation may become desirable and/or necessary. These services cannot be billed through insurance. However, a cash rate may be discussed with the therapist for such services. Schedule a session now by clicking here to contact us.

Skype/Face Time/Distance Counseling and Coaching sessions:

Teletherapy is therapy through a live video connection with your therapist, over the internet. You and your therapist are in different places but you can hear and see each other. Your therapist provides the same treatment as if you were seeing each other in person.

Why choose teletherapy?

  • It is high-quality care.
  • It is convenient. Your therapy session takes place in a quiet, private setting of your choosing, as long as you have access to a computer or mobile device and an internet connection.
  • It is a great alternative if you are concerned about missing appointments because of your schedule, traveling, being housebound, or due to bad weather.
  • It is an option for couples therapy or family therapy sessions when one or more participants is traveling, or schedules and/or geographical distance don’t allow for everyone to be in the same place at the same time.
  • It is also a way to continue therapy when you are away at college or during seasons when you are out of the area.
  • Our teletherapy platform protects your privacy — we are vigilant about security and provide a HIPAA compliant platform for our teletherapy services.

How does teletherapy work?

  • Through your phone, tablet or computer — any device with an internet connection; if you have ever used Skype on your computer or FaceTime on your iPhone, you have used the same type of technology that teletherapy uses.
  • Appointments are the same length as your in-person sessions and are scheduled in the same way.
  • You choose a quiet, private spot free of distraction, interruptions and background noise and connect with your therapist via a safe, secure online platform.

We also have the ability to offer this service while you are in the office with family members who are not local. We would require a consent form from these individuals to be completed and faxed back to our office before the session would take place.

If you do not live in South Florida but are a Florida resident we can arrange online sessions to take place. If you are participating in online therapy, the client must live in the state where the practitioner is licensed according to most state counseling and therapy laws. If you live or travel overseas, you may be able to work with us regardless of what state you came from in the United States. Please contact us to discuss your specific situation.

In most situations, insurance does not cover tele therapy or coaching sessions.

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