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In additional to our personalized coaching, we have an additional program that caters to the entrepreneur who is ready to go all in!

In all, we offer 4 years of deep business coaching material, with the first year of the program teaching you 12 Foundation Principles of Business (one each month).

The power is in the simplicity!  Each month, you will have online access to a new video modules that are 30 to 60 minutes long and can be accessed through any registered computer.  Each module also includes a diary section and a companion/implementation guide with additional assignments.  Within each module, you will learn the business principle being taught, plus you’ll hear discussion as to how it applies to business.  It is designed for you to apply what you’ve learned to your business immediately.  If this seems overly simple, it is because it is!  These concepts are easy to understand and put into action; however, when you apply them they are game-changing.

Here are the module descriptions for year one:


Module 1

Values-Based Decision Making

You will learn one of the most important “rules” regarding long-term business and personal success, i.e. how to institute a “values-based culture”, in order to create a sustainable business.  This lesson will show you how to leverage yourself and your business so that you can accomplish more, with less investment of time and resources.

Module 2

Life and Business “Catalyzing Statement” and Management-by-Objectives (“MBO”)

An age-old business principle, brought current with the introduction of the “Catalyzing Statement”.  You will learn how to use a Catalyzing Statement, and MBO, to pull everyone in your organization onto the same page, in order that they all “sing from the same sheet of music.”  This organizing principle will add predictability to your business.

Module 3

Using Rhythms to Amplify Time and Success

It’s been said that successful businesses are comprised of good habits, and unsuccessful businesses are comprised of bad habits.  You will learn how to institute rhythms and habits into your culture, so that your organization is not reliant only on you.

Module 4

New Profit Paradigm

Organizations need to learn how to partner, outsource, and leverage resources, so that they can do more with less.  Here you will learn how to align all resources to produce the most value in the marketplace, in order to achieve more success.

Module 5

Business Entity Structure to Leverage Long-Term Wealth

Businesses that have thrived for many decades understand that there are universal rules for success built around organizational structure.  Most entrepreneurs believe that wealth is created by taking money out of a business, when the opposite is often true.  You will learn how to maximize wealth opportunities inside your business.

Module 6

Lessons from The Billionaire Mind

Rick Sapio has spent time with 14 self-made billionaires, and 11 other individuals that have achieved much in the world.  He will share with you many common traits that they possess, that you can implement in your life.  Even if your goal is not to become a billionaire, you will learn an immense amount in this session.

Module 7

The Battleship Principle (Asset Protection)

In order to sustain themselves, long-term growth companies possess many common traits.  Many of these companies started as one-person operations.  You will learn how to fortify your business to withstand the sometimes harsh realities of a long-term existence.

Module 8

Simplicity On The Far Side Of Complexity

Having a successful business life and personal life is often far simpler than most of us believe.  You will learn how to focus, organize for success, and leverage your resources to produce more with less, while creating more profits and impact.  On a personal level, you will learn how to organize your family life, so that all of your priorities are getting the attention they deserve.

Module 9

Rules-Based Business Decisions

Many small businesses operate in a sometimes random fashion.  Here you will learn how to add predictability to your business.  You will be introduced to the concept of “having a deliberate business.”  The goal is to allow you to be fulfilled, achieve your goals, lower your stress, and have impactful employees.

Module 10

5,200% Rule:  How To Consistently Hire And Attract Talent

There are universal principles around attracting talent that are often overlooked by over-committed small business owners.  Here you will learn insights about the difficult task of recruiting and interviewing potential employees that you’ve likely never heard before.  Many entrepreneurs and business owners don’t realize how much poor talent is holding them back in business.

Module 11

The Stop Doing List: How The Ability To Say “No” Will Transform Your Business And Your Life

You will learn that your “To-Do List” is a thing of the past.  You will see that many of the things you are currently doing are moving you away from long-term success, not toward it.  This module promises to bring you breakthroughs in thinking that will have immediate impact.

Module 12

Lifelong Investing Success

Many business people and small business entrepreneurs often are the worst investors.  You will learn principles that are easy to implement, and that have long-term impact.  You’ll notice a common theme in all of these modules around values like “Simplicity” and “Leverage”, and this certainly applies to investing as well.  We find people tend to complicate, rather than simplify, and we will illuminate the difference.

Year one of the program is about the 12 Foundational Principles of Business, described above.  Year two is about Business Acceleration, which teaches you how to leverage what you learned in year one.  Year three is about personal and business accountability, and year four is about legacy, i.e. your personal and business legacy, and what you can do to alter them.

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