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Who are my influencers

One of my coaching clients asked who are my main influencers right now. If you know me well, one of my gifts is helping connect people with the best resources I know.

Here is who I am consuming via audio, youtube, podcast and books on a consistent basis:
Micheal Burt– Books and Youtube
Matt Manero– You Need More Money book and podcast
Hank Norman– Social Media expert
Andy Frisella– MFCEO Podcast
Ed Mylett-Maxout Podcast
Gary Vaynerchuk– Ya’all know Gary Vee by now right?

In my recent journeys, I have had the honor of meeting and spending time with the top 3 people listed above and the specific pleasure of spending significant time with Matt over the past 2 years.

All of this is rounded out by my Blackbelt membership commitment to Business Finishing School, a 4 year online and conference based curriculum for Entrepreneurs to leverage more simplicity, probability and leverage in our lives, professional and personally.

BFS was created by Rick Sapio, a capital venture expert, who has committed to guiding entrepreneurs and business owners ( and those that work inside a business) in finding their purpose. Rick also created the program within BFS that personally certified me as an Entrepreneur Coach (which I use to enhance my practice as a therapist), a small but dedicated group of professionals who exist to optimize the clients we work with.

I am happy to answer any questions you may have about the BFS program, my coaching and personally invite you to our next Business Growth Summit, Feb. 22-24 in Dallas, Texas.

Before you say “nah, I’m good” check out the heavy hitters that are presenting and I promise you, the value is worth way more then the actual cost. It took a friend 2 years to convince me to go and I kick myself for being so stubborn about investing in myself and my business at this level back then.

What’s even better, it’s a tax write off for your business
(check with you accountant for specific applicable details)

For more info about the conference, click here

I look forward to helping you optimize your life in 2019!



Jason Wasser, LMFT is a Florida Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Certified Neuro Emotional Technique Practitioner and Certified Entrepreneur Coach.
He runs a full service online Therapy & Coaching practice in South Florida and is the host of the You Winning Life Podcast.

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