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You Need More Money

Matt Manero You Need More Money

Let’s celebrate episode 50 and my 42nd birthday on July 4th!

Recorded at the end of September 2019, Matt Manero is one of the main motivations behind why I started my podcast.
The truth is YOU NEED MORE MONEY… And it’s not for the obvious reasons.

We met a few years ago at my first ever business/entrepreneurship conference called Business Finishing School, spent a year in an accountability group together and he has become a friend, mentor and inspiration.

He is the real deal, as you can hear how emotional he gets. He loves his family, he loves his business and he loves helping people get more stability in their life through his book and podcast, You Need More Money, and his new business program with Judge Graham, Attack and Conquer Bootcamp.

We discuss:

Being an intrapreneur vs entrepreneur
How entrepreneurship isn’t for everyone
How Matt and I met and were part of an accountability group together
Why my own blocks kept me back from shifting from just a therapist to an entrepreneur
The psychological side behind Matt’s “Torch” process that brought his company from  $100,000,000 in annual sales to $140,000,000 in less than two years
How investing in yourself can change your life
Why consuming info from the greats will raise up your game
How  to share the ways you are an expert
What is a Lifestyle By Design and why you need to start with the end in mind
Why the $150k, $250k, $500k income lines are game changers
Everyone needs to start broke
Why you need to know your numbers in order to really win
The importance of accumulation mode
When other businesses attack your reputation
What do to when your business gets stuck and double down
How you know if you are in the right job/position or not
His philosophy on being a successful husband and parent
Why Matt and I preach core values, core values, core values
How I created the ” What’s Your Dating Brand” and how I use core values with all my therapy and coaching clients
“Core Values fix 90% of problems in running a business”
Why you should create a “Stop Tolerating” list
“The Universe will take care of those who have clarity”
and so much more!

Matt launched his first company, Commercial Fleet Financing, Inc. (CFF), in 1995 with a phone, a folding table and the unyielding confidence of a single client, a trucker. Fast forward 23 years and CFF, has funded over $1 billion in transportation equipment with annual business of $150,000,000+. CFF has served more than 10,000 clients and has become one of the largest independently owned transportation equipment finance companies in America.  CFF is a 3-time winner of The SMU Cox School of Business 100 Fastest Growing Companies. He is happily married to his beloved wife of 19 years, Rokki, and they have 3 amazing boys.

Audiences resonate with his tough-minded and business battle tested philosophies on “company culture”, skilling up and scaling up” and “finding your GRIT”.  He is willing and eager to share his positive and negative experiences within both the personal and business world with others.  Matt is a sought after speaker within the entrepreneurial and association communities, and has a highly popular podcast aptly named, YOU NEED MORE MONEY.


Full video here: Click Here

His book, You Need More Money is a must buy so click here to get it:

Matt’s “TORCH” TEDX talk:

Learn more about Business Finishing School, the program Jason is a Certified Coach through:

To learn more about online therapy with Jason Wasser, LMFT visit here:



Jason Wasser, LMFT is a Florida Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Certified Neuro Emotional Technique Practitioner and Certified Entrepreneur Coach.
He runs a full service online Therapy & Coaching practice in South Florida and is the host of the You Winning Life Podcast.

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