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We’re Closing The Physical Doors And Offering Teletherapy

We’re Closing The Physical Doors And Offering Teletherapy

We’re Closing The Physical Doors And Offering Teletherapy

We are still at your service!

“Closing time…Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end. “

These were the words in my mind as I packed up the office of the Family Room Wellness Associates.
We may be closing our physical doors but we are still at your service!

I  have been seeing clients online since the end of March when coronavirus forced many business owners and therapists to change the way they did business, saw clients and patients.

The decision to close our physical doors didn’t come lightly.  

Over the course of a weekend in March 2020, I had to pivot and set up a fully accessible online practice and email each of my clients to let them know of the immediate changes.
I am very blessed; 99% of them were open to the change and continued on.

We worked through tech glitches and as the weeks passed, they became accustomed to using the digital waiting room and then the personal interactions of telecommunication.

Many people ask me, “doesn’t it feel different than being in person with your clients?”
My response is, “of course it feels different, but that doesn’t mean that the connection with and the value for them isn’t there!”

So now, three and half months in, with my lease ending, I made the difficult decision to close the physical office that was home to The Family Room Wellness Associates and move full time indefinitely to teletherapy.


So what does this mean for you?

The Family Room Wellness Associates is still in business.

We will still be offering top cutting edge therapy and coaching services
We will eventually return to offering the clinically researched and journal published, Neuro Emotional Technique, once it is safe to return to in-person sessions.

We just cut out your commute to and from the office.
This will allow you to be seen from wherever you have privacy and a good internet connection.
In the worst-case scenario, we can substitute a phone call for a video session if need be.

The barrier of entry for high-quality therapy, no matter where you live in Florida just disappeared.
We are taking clients that are in-network with Florida Blue/BCBS and Tricare as well as those who are looking for self-pay options. For more info on why you may want to choose a self-pay option for therapy services, please click here.

If you are looking for coaching services, then nothing has changed for you as most of our clients live around the United State and as far away as the Middle East.

We look forward to partnering with you on your health, hope and happiness!


closing the office

Contact us today to schedule a teletherapy session.




Jason Wasser, LMFT is a Florida Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Certified Neuro Emotional Technique Practitioner and Certified Entrepreneur Coach.
He runs a full service online Therapy & Coaching practice in South Florida and is the host of the You Winning Life Podcast.

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