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You don’t need Tony Robbins

Yesterday I got to see Tony Robbins for the first time in person. I have been a huge fan of his for years, watching many of his videos online and his powerful documentary, I Am Not Your Guru. Tony is truly an expert and one of the world’s leaders in mindset and motivation. He is also versed in neuropsychology and how our mood effects our behaviors.

His presentation, which had a mixture of lecture plus interactive activities, kept the crowds energy flowing which ties perfectly into his approach of peak performance. He spent time focusing on our organic natural traits versus getting into a state of higher awareness and energy. This effects your energy, mood and overall mindset for a certain period of time. He challenged us to interact with others sitting next to us in four different ways, each time with a different approach.

  1. Introduce yourself as if you were really shy and timid
  2. Introduce yourself as if you had no desire to do so
  3. Introduce yourself as if your family would die if you couldn’t convince the person to like you
  4. Introduce yourself as if the person was a long lost friend, family member or lover

Each of the mindsets brought out different types of interactions. We were able to notice our rate of speech, our breathing, change sin focus, how our body moved and the intensity of how we interaction energetically.

“Master your emotions and you can master your resources”

“Mind over matter” can truly be a powerful force when we train ourself to interact in every aspect of our life with positive intentions, physical preparation and a true mindfulness of how we fit into our own perception of reality. When you set an intention of your interaction, you will have different results then when you just casually walk into an experience. This mental toughness is a wonderful training for each of us to have.

I am still a huge fan of Tony and you should find a time to watch his videos and even attend his workshops. However,  please you can make the changes today in your own life. I promise you that you already have the tools that will help you accomplish what you want if you commit to personal growth and self awareness.  If you feel like you are getting stuck, reach out to me and schedule a session. My team can help guide you to reaching your potential, with simplicity, so you can live a life full of health, hope and happiness.




Jason Wasser, LMFT is a Florida Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Certified Neuro Emotional Technique Practitioner and Certified Entrepreneur Coach.
He runs a full service online Therapy & Coaching practice in South Florida and is the host of the You Winning Life Podcast.

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