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You Need More Money.. Yes, You!

As a therapist, my clients typically come in to tackle an issue in one of three categories, Money, Love and their Personal Identity.

The Money catagory can include their financial success, job, career, time, space, physical energy, and the ability to afford a healthier lifestyle. There are tons of gurus out there including Suze Orman and Robert Kiyosaki but Matt Manero’s “You Need More Money” has been one of the most practical and resourceful books I have read in a while. He will soon be one of the names that you  recognize when it comes to safeguarding your personal finances and securing your future.

Let me be transparent that I know Matt personally.  I first met him at an entrepreneur conference almost two years ago where we sat next to each other the entire weekend.  Matt turned out to be one of the most personable and down to earth individuals I have ever met. No bragging, no showing off, no asking “have you heard of me”.  He is clear what his motivations are and that is to take care of his family and secure their future.

For over a year, Matt, myself  and 2 other professionals were part of a weekly Accountability Call through the entrepreneur program we are members of. At that time, this book was in its creation stage so he was able to share small insights as we collaborated together on the success of each of our personal lives and businesses. Its safe to say, Matt is a man who backs up his word with action as our team witnesses when he was “Torching of His $100 million Dollar Business” as you can see on this Youtube video.

His concept of ” False Positive” is a reality check for most people as he challenges us to really examine how financially stable we are today. He gives you clear steps, checklist items and an iron clad recipe to “solve your financial problems once and for all.”

His book is loaded with tasty nuggets of truth and if you listen to his podcast of the same name, you can literally hear his voice talking to you while you read the book.

Matt’s book and Podcast are frequent suggestions in my therapy and my business coaching practice. One of my clients who has been working for a company for a while already decided to start building up a “side hustle” on the weekends that will eventually allow him to create his own business and easily triple his income. All this because of one suggestion to read this book. This client now comes in weekly to tell me what he learned from the podcasts and has been more motivated then ever in their life.

If you are ready for massive action and change in your life,  I am making a strong suggestion for you to click the link below and buy yourself a copy  of ” You Need More Money” today.






Jason Wasser, LMFT is a Florida Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Certified Addictions Professional and a Certified Neuro Emotional Technique Practitioner. He runs a full service Family Therapy practice in South Florida.

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