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You Winning Life: Simplicity, Probability and Leverage

Rick Sapio is one of my personal mentors who has drastically changed my life the past few years through my participation as a student and now as a you winnign lifeCertified Coach in his Business Finishing School program. First featured in You Winning Life, Episode 14, Rick is back to discuss how you can have total life fulfillment, even during a pandemic. You Winning Life: Simplicity, Probability and Leverage, listen to the podcast below.

Founder and CEO of Mutual Capital Alliance, Inc., a financial holding company, Rick has made more than 100 investments in other companies. His life’s purpose is to inspire entrepreneurship, which led him to start Business Finishing School (“BFS”).

We discuss how you can change your mindset to become more fulfilled and on purpose, even during a pandemic and a global crisis.

You Winning Life: Simplicity, Probability and Leverage

Learn more about how you can bring more Simplicity, Probability and Leverage to your business and life by attending Business Finishing School’s Growth Summit and joining the curriculum-based program:

Check out his book Who’s In Your Room

 Jason Wasser, LMFT is a Licensed Therapist and Certified Coach and works with entrepreneurs and young professionals online. He can be found on Instagram

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